Sunday, July 22, 2007

~A Sweet Gift~

Today a sweet friend gave this Piggy Bank to me as a gift for our future daughter. I love pink and brown!! She has 2 daughters from China and their family is returning this fall to adopt a 10 year old boy. She is such a special friend and my biggest encourager on this journey. We are not even DTC yet, but have been working tirelessly on our online classes so we can get our final homestudy visit done, so this gift was her way of celebrating what we have accomplished so far. Thank you so much "T".


  1. Such a cute piggy bank.

    Dawn, do yourself a huge favor (I promise you'll thank me). Go out tomorrow and buy or rent the first 2 seasons of Grey's Anatomy. It is one of those shows you can watch more than once (although you have 3 kids so I'm sure once will work for you).

    It is a must that you catch up before the new season starts. Season 3 isn't out yet but you can at least see the first 2. It is the best show on TV. On by blog if you click the grey's antomy tag on the left you can see my posts where I posted a few of my favorite scenes. That should help get you hooked.


  2. It's very cute and a sweet "reward" indeed!!