Thursday, October 4, 2007


Recently, my Mom gave me an apron(below) that my Dad made in Junior High for my Grandmother. I just love it, and was so inspired to try and make an apron myself.

This is my hostess apron. I LOVE this fabric. It is from Tracy Porter's collection at Joann's.

My first full length apron. I thought this fabric was so darling, and it was on the $2 a yard rack at Joann's!

There were quite a few patterns to choose from, but this is the one I ended up using. I have not used a pattern in years, so I made a few mistakes, but overall I love the way they turned out.

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  1. Those are too cute!!...and you did such a wonderful job!!

  2. Dawn, how pretty they are! I love your fabric choices, they'll all so pretty and I love the $2 rack!!
    Great job on both.
    I love the one your Dad made his Mother, how sweet of him and what a treasure for you. :)

  3. Great job! I just came across the apron I made in home ec in 8th grade, the first and last thing that I sewed. I am dying to learn how to sew again. I love the fabrics you chose.

  4. I'm impressed! You did a great job. I love that you have the one your dad made. How sweet is that?

  5. Oh Dawn...these are beuatiful. I am so in awe of you people who know how to sew. I really should learn.


  6. I am way behind in reading and commenting on your blog. Anyhow, wanted to let you know I love your aprons. I don't remember my apron from 8th grade looking as nice as these. :o(

    Great job!

  7. Wonderful aprons! I have a sewing machine that I just stare at. Wish I had a sewing "coach" to get me started again! Anyone in NE FL?

    LID 01/27/06