Monday, March 31, 2008

OOPS...I did it again!

Well, I did it again...I only have "2" pictures from Easter, and they are both of Bennett. I was waiting to take pictures of Powell and Blake before we left for church...and then we were running late...and, well, it never happened. Easter baskets...well, the same thing...Bennett was up first (probably because he's the youngest), and by the time the two older boys came downstairs the camera wasn't ready. It is so strange as they get older...I think next year when Lucy is here they will all share in her excitement...and there WILL be more pictures!!


  1. Too funny! Sometimes I think all of my posts are about the youngest. He's just the one I have pictures of!!

    He's a cutie

  2. Im the same way. I always forget to take pics on special occasions or I will take the camera out and take like 50 pics of the same scene and the rest of the time goes undocumented. Anyway, those are a couple cute pics!!

    Chrisyt :)

  3. I was so busy taking pictures of Sarah on Easter that I almost forgot to get some of the boys. Thankfully I did! At least the two pictures you got turned out great. :) It will definitely be different next year with Lucy in on the action. Your camera will be out a lot!!