Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sun Sun Sun...Here it comes!

It's that time again...short sleeves, capri pants, skirts and a pair of snappy sandals. Here are my favorites in the "faux tan" department.
I actually just bought the Jergens Face, but I have been using the Jergens Natural Glow for a few years. It does have a slight scent, but nothing offensive. Since it is a lotion, it really is mistake proof. I have seen that C*stco is carrying it, which usually guarantees a good product.

These new versions of spray tan work so well. They too, are virtually "mistake proof". The spray is such a fine mist, you don't even need to rub it in. I have also used Coppertone's product and loved it as well.
(don't forget to wash your hands when your done...so you wont have the "tell tale" sign of "orange" hands)


  1. Oh I love the Jergens tinted lotion! It works greats! I used it last year and have started using it a bit last week.

  2. Hi, Dawn, so nice to meet you! Welcome to blogging & thanks for leaving a comment so I could come and visit you. How fun that you did tanners already too. I have some of the Jergens face, so I'm going to keep using it and see if I can get a glow on the face and I'm def. getting some Loreal Sublime mist. I used the Sublime lotion last year & liked it just fine. I've also used a mousse & it's pretty good too (Banana Boat). Got to keep a little color going.

    Oh, and I saw where you recommended some beauty products & how fun....my favorite lip liner is #666 by W&W too. I did a whole post back in February about beauty products & mentioned it.

    Hope you'll come back & visit me again!