Monday, May 12, 2008

~China Earthquake~

The news coming out of China is so devastating...we will continue to send up our prayers for all.
Lucy is in the Hunan province which is East of the city of Chengdu. fortunately her SWI might have felt the earthquake, but was not affected. The following message was posted on our Yahoo group.
Hi all I know you will be worried about your children's first homes so I have just gathered some info from our folk on the ground in China.Yvonne our LWB Hunan Director who lives in Changsha reported that she felt the quake this morning but did not know what it was until she heard the news.Shirley our LWB Loudi monitor has also been in touch and reported life as normal. Our Henan Director has also checked in to report Henan province is OK too. Our education manager in Sichuan province reports all cell phones aredown and she has been unable to make contact with several college student. Please keep all in your thoughts and prayers. Julie Flynn Coleman Loudi Foster Care


  1. Thanks for the update, we are so sad for this tragic event, and are grateful your little girl is fine...

  2. That was great that your daughters SWI was ok... though my thoughts go out to everyone else... take care

  3. Have been wondering...Was pretty sure Lucy wasn't in Sichuan but when they say it is like a quake happening in Maine and being able to feel it in Arizona, that's HUGE.

    So glad Lucy is safe. I know that is a huge relief. However, I know we all feel a strong emotional attachment for the country of China as they endure such tragedy.

    Our Lindy is from Changsha, Hunan. I didn't remember that Lucy is a spicy Hunan girl, too. Good luck! :o)

    Thanks for the update.


  4. I am glad to hear that little Lucy is ok.
    This earthquake was just devastating.

  5. Glad that Lucy and the others in her home weren't affected. Hope you get to go get her soon!

  6. What has happened in China is so tragic. I am so happy that Lucy's SWI is okay. I hope she is home with her family soon!