Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Birhday Jeff~June 30th

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As we do every year...we celebrated my brother's birthday. Jeff would have been 38 this year. This is such a special tradition for us since he passed away 6 years ago. We each write a special birthday message on our balloon...which always includes one from his daughter, we have dinner and a birthday cake. Happy Birthday Jeff...you are in our hearts forever!


  1. Hi Dawn, I am not a stalker(I just left a comment this morning on your last post) I wanted to show my mom your blog. I just wanted to tell you that my brother passed away 3 years ago, and for his last two Birthdays we have been at a loss as to what to do. Some, because it felt too painful to celebrate. His Birthday and death are both in October. But I love your idea with the balloons, and I hope this is something our family can try. Love, Kim

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  3. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your brother. What a swwet tradition you have mead to honor him. I am without words.

    Can't recall if I invited you to my now private blog?

    A Mother Singing
    If you would still like to visit meregarden@yahoo.com is where to write and I will send you an invitation.

  4. Oh that shower cake is GORGEOUS!!

  5. I got a big huge lump in my throat. I hope that my sons, and Libby too, will honor their own brother in such a way. What a loving sister you are... I am so very sorry that you lost your brother. I ache for you. I am sure that he is watching over little Lucy.

  6. Dawn,

    That so touched me when I read it. What a sad loss but what a great tradition. We lost my nephew 9 years ago-- he woudl have been the same age as my oldest. We also celebrate his birthday every year also. It is a great tradition but also theraputic.

    Hay, I wrote in my last post asking about TA's. Have you heard anything yet??

    Christy :)

  7. What a special way to honor and remember your brother.

  8. What a wonderful tradition. We send ballons to my Father in law every birthday or holiday, but we have never writen on the ballon. I may need to steal your idea!

    Have a great week, Krista @ Bits and Pieces

  9. Oh Dawn. My heart broke as I read your post. I am so sorry for the loss of your brother. I love the fact that you honor him on his birthday.
    We are actually going to be celebrating my son Evan's birthday on the 9th in much the same way. He would be 8 this year. We always release balloons and have a special dinner. There is something to be said for both holding on and letting go.
    God Bless your family. Lucy has a special guardian angel watching over her.

  10. What an amazing thing to do to honor your brother on his Birthday. I love the idea of writing on the balloons...I know your brother is watching over all of you and certainly over sweet Lucy.

    P.S.-I also missed your last post, but your shower pictures were great! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cake and the invitations...how cute!!

  11. This is such a beautiful way to celebrate your brother's life.


  12. This post touched me - raw emotion and such love. I am so sorry for your loss and so humbled by the beautiful way you celebrate his life - I think that this is perfect and will share it with friends who struggle with how to celebrate a life they loved so dearly.

    Your family is a special one - thank you for sharing this tender moment with us.