Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Family Fun~

~ Lila Mildred~

Ashley, Powell, and Uncle Peter

Lucy with Ryan & Ashley

Lucy & Kelli

Jake & Justin

Aunt Deanna, Morgan & Lila

We had a great time at Aunt Deanna's celebrating Baby Lila, welcoming Lucy into the family, and sharing birthdays.


  1. Oh Dawn, it is so fun to see your family getting to know and love Lucy! I love the new look of your blog. And, I am so sorry, but I lost your address... could you give it to me once more?

  2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new look!

  3. I love Lucy!! What a sweetheart...

    Blog looks great, Lucy looks great, family looks great - woohoo, Dawn. Life is great!

    Enjoy all these happy firsts with your sweet Lucy.

    Love the bathing beauty pics - a beauty she is for sure!!


  4. Love the new look. ;)

    That daughter of yours is awfully cute, don't you think?

    I just listened to your message. You are so sweet! Sorry I missed you! But thanks for calling to say hi and thanks. It's rare that I get a thank you phone call, but then again, I don't usually give my number out...




  5. What a fun family gathering. Lucy looks so happy!

    I love your new blog design. Very Cute!!!

  6. LOVE your new blog! I had to come look at Lucy's adorable grin again! After you told me that Lucy wears a size 6 shoe, I bought Cate a couple of 6's too. She has so many sandals- I hope that some will work for next summer!

  7. omw....so much to catch up on....she is so precious.....glad to hear things are going well.

  8. Love all the new photos... Miss Lucy looks so happy with her family!
    She is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!

    Oh I also love that adorable bed... Looks like she likes it too.

  9. Baby Lila is darling. And have a mentioned a million times I love Lucy's fabulous smile?!!

  10. Ahhh...I just discovered your blog! It's a little late but: WELCOME HOME LUCY! Congratulations, she's just beautiful and I love her smile!

    We have a Lucy (Luci), too!!

  11. Glad to see that things are going fine... she is just as cute as a button...