Saturday, September 6, 2008

~Back to School~

Powell - 10th grade

Blake - 8th grade

Bennett - 6th grade


The boys headed back to school this week. It is so hard to believe that Powell is a sophmore, Blake is in his last year in middle school, and Bennett started middle school. Lucy missed the boys this week, but was so thrilled when each of them walk through the front door.


  1. Great back to school pictures! I bet Lucy is lost without her big brothers during the day!

  2. Such handsome boys and a beautiful little girl! Love that they are all wearing such colorful t-shirts!

  3. Such handsome grandsons I have they are gorgeous and good boys also. Lucy is just cute anyway you dress her, she is such a little doll. I love all of you so very much and I am so proud for everyone to see you.

  4. ...and Lucy! hehee, so cute Dawn! Wow, your boys are such big guys! I'm sure they missed Lucy too while they were at school! :)
    I hope all the adjusting to a toddler again is coming back to you...I'm sure you're having a fun time with it all and with your sweet smiley Lucy!! :)

  5. It feels like we have already been in school forever! Though only a few weeks. Lucy is as adorable as ever and your boys are so handsome! I am so excited to finally be going to get Cate, it actually feels surreal. It seems as though Lucy's transition was so smoothe and easy- I have been praying that Cate's will be also. Please keep in touch!

  6. Bonnie Ward, Exeter, NHSeptember 7, 2008 at 10:41 PM

    Dawn - it is so great to see Lucy SO happy with her brothers .... it really makes my heart so full of happiness, for her and for all of you! MANY good wishes for a long and happy life together.

  7. how fun!!! It is always nice when they head back to school for us mommy's. I love the time with just Mia and I but she is all mine during hte day and that is a bit of a challenge on somedays. The boys always keep her entertained so having to enterrain her all day is "fun"!!!!

    Glad all is well with you!!

    Christy :)

  8. those are some tall boys!!

    Emily is lost without her brothers too! She has to run up and hug them when they get off the cute!

    Love Lucy's purse and glasses!!!

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  10. Dawn - your boys are so handsome!! And Lucy, well, the girl is stylin'!

    Hope you enjoy your girl time during the days...what a precious blessing.


  11. Hope the boys are enjoying being back at school... I am so glad I don't have to deal with school anymore... :)