Monday, September 22, 2008

Lucy & her Wheelie-Bug~

Lucy got a Wheelie Bug for her birthday. She just loves it! It rides so smooth and glides in all directions...we highly reccomend it :)


  1. That looks really cool! She is so pretty.

  2. That is so cute!!!!!!!!!!! I love it and it looks like the perfect fit for Miss Lucy!

  3. Oh that is really neat!!! I have never seen one of those. I might have to get one for my next daughter. : )
    Miss Lucy looks precious on her ladybug. She is so darling!

  4. Oh our Lucy Joy you are just so cute. I love you on your wheely bug. You just make everything so right. You are such a Joy and you are such a beautiful little girl. We love you so much
    Grammy and PaPa

  5. Miss Lucy looks like she is having fun on her Wheelie Bug...I'll be sure and jot that down on our toy list.

    Lucy has beautiful hair! She is absolutely adorable!!


  6. I love that bug thing. That looks really cool. I will have to check it out when Mia gets a bit older.

    I cant belive how long Lucy's hair is getting. It looks beautiful-- but I see all the growth comming in on her forhead-- mia has the same growth comming in.

    Lucy just looks so perfect in her little outfit and again, I am just so excited she is doing so darn well.

    Christy :)

  7. What a doll! I am so glad she is doing so well - she looks so content and happy :)

  8. Oh that is the cutest thing! She looks adorable!!

  9. Okay that wheelie bug us the cutest thing I have ever seen......well...and the princess on it is quite spectacular as well! ;)

  10. What a beautiful *boutique* she has!! What fun!
    Where did you get the wheelie bug??


  11. That is just the cutest little ride-on toy I have ever seen! Lucy obviously loves it.