Thursday, October 23, 2008

~Lovely Lucy~



Today Lucy went to the salon to get her hair cut. She has fine hair and it was very uneven. I always thought of Chinese girls with thick, coarse, straight hair...well, my Chinese girl has fine hair, it is starting to thicken, but it is not straight, so it curls really well.


~She loved every minute of getting her hair washed~


~All shaped up~


~Lucy and Aimee~


~The back looks sooo darling~




~What a dream come true, to take my little girl to have her hair done~

IMG_2326-1 for the modeling pose~


~And...for the talent portion~


  1. Oh my goodness...she is too much! I love the curls! And the outit with the boots...yes, having a girl is so much fun~

  2. SO cute. Love the hair, the smile, and that outfit :)

    You two are so cute together. Now you just need to go out and get your nails done! Fun!

  3. I didn't think she could get any cuter, but there you go! Loved this post...very cute!

  4. And what a true little girly girl she is... loving those curls...

  5. That made me cry a litle... I don't know why---I suppose seeing Lucy in the salon, and then with you is so sweet! Her hair looks very chic. Libby's hair has gotten shinier and less "cotton-like" the longer she has been home. Maybe the nutrition, but I know what you mean... her hair was the same way. Anyway, I LOVE Lucy's hair. And, as always, her inimitable grin.

  6. Absolutely adorable!! I'm so glad that you had a good time at the salon with your sweet Lucy.

  7. I love Lucy's new do. She looks adorable in these pictures!

  8. No matter how she wears her hair she is adorable. I am so glad you made such a good choice in choosing my beautiful granddaughter
    I love you both very much

  9. Oh my goodness... I love Lucy's curls and what a precious outfit.

  10. What a doll! Love her new do too!! Mia's hair is also very thin and finally growing a bit! I had it trimmed again and it does look a bit thicker (I think) - isn't it fun having a girl :)

  11. Cate had her hair cut yesterday too! She, however, did not enjoy it quite so much! I thought Cate's hair would be fine and straight, and it is very course and thick. I imagined her with a cute little bob, but her hair is too big for a bob right now! Lucy is truly too adorable for words. I am going to copy you and look for some boots! I hope you have a great weekend! Love, Kim

  12. Lucy is such a doll! I have never had boys (two girls) but it is still fun over the years to the hair and nail salons. We all went to get hair cuts yesterday too! Getting ready for profes. photos on Saturday. Sadie is in 6th grade now & next month 11 yrs old. Her hair was just like Lucys. It is still thin but much better. Hers curls very well too. Our younger daughter (9, born in Vietnam) has super thick, coarse and difficult hair!

    Lucy is a wonderful li'l girl and was placed in a perfect place. From boots to purses, to skirts, shirts, dresses - it only gets better - enjoy!
    Linda (Sadie & Sophie's mom, and Steve's wife)

  13. Hi Dawn,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday....I had to come over and say hello...

    Lucy is absolutely ADORABLE!!! I love her new do....and she is rockin that outfit....she looks like she just stepped off the runway!!

    I am going to go back and read your travel blog....we are still waiting:(

    Hope you all have a wonderful weekend...I am going to add you to the list of blogs I follow!


  14. Hi Dawn! Lucy looks adorable with her curls! She seems so easy-going and what a treat for both of you to go to the salon together!! (that was my favorite part....your "dream" coming true!!!)
    She's just cute as a button!!!
    Have a great weekend!

  15. She could not be any cuter!!I cant belive her hair holds a curl like that. I curl mia's hair under and it only holds a curl for a short time-- maybe half day if that. I cantbelive how cute Lucy is iwth her cut. I would like to see how it lays when it is straight.

    Anyway, love it to death!!!! Shei s precious!!

    Christy :)

  16. Oooooooo, sooo cute!! Oh Dawn, thanks so much for sharing this with us...positively precious. I love the curls!!! Hannah's hair is very fine also - I thought the same as you, we would have this thick, straight hair...nope, very fine and straight as an arrow!

    Hope all is well, thinking of you often:)


  17. Emily's hair is straight and fine...I have to keep it short because she refuses bows, or ties of any kind! Tomboy...

  18. What a sweet post!! She looked like she was enjoying her day at the spa! Love her hair! Wait until you two go and get pedicures together -- another fun time, believe me! Have a wonderful weekend with your sweet family!


  19. Love the new haircut!! She is darling!!!!
    I know you are loving having a little girl to spend time with, and do Girly things!! Isn't it wonderful?! Not that boys are not fun... I have a son too, nothing like them!

  20. So glad your dream has come true sweet girl! ;)

  21. I lOVE those curls!! What a cutie! I am so glad you had another of your motehr daughter dreams come true!!

  22. Those curls are perfect for her!!! She is jsut too cute!


  23. Love it, love it, love it!

    Katie has the same fine hair, with a wave of it's own. I've never tried curling it, but maybe it's time!

    What a beautiful child, and what a HAPPY MOMMA!!

  24. Oh you girls look so beautiful together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the curls and all of the photos!!!!!!!!

  25. Her hair is just precious!!! She is beautiful! I am amazed she sat still long enough to get that done! My little sister would have no part in that!

  26. Cute cute cute cute cute cute cute!! I love Lucy's new do.. she was a doll she is a doll and will always be a doll! Her sweet smile is so contagious. I am so glad you had that special time with your special girl!

    Where did you get Lucy's boots they are adorable!


  27. Oh how sweet! I love her beautiful smile and her hair looks darling. I hope Lia is half as good as Lucy when we go Wednesday to get her hair done! Pray for us! LOL

  28. Hi Dawn! Just found your blog - it's adorable!! - and your family is precious!! Your little Lucy is the cutest. :) Her new haircut is fabulous on her!! Love how they styled it for her; I bet she felt like a princess. :)

  29. Dawn,

    how darling she always is! before and after :)!

  30. Hello,
    What a little cutie pie! Love those curls too. Looks like she loves her new "makeover" as well.

    Hugs from NJ

    Ivy and Kira

  31. What a wonderful post! And such a special time for the two of you. She looks lovely of course!


  32. WOW! Those curls are gorgeous!!!!! I have hair envy!


  33. WOW! Those curls are gorgeous!!!!! I have hair envy!