Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Friends~



I mentioned we went to the Pumpkin Farm with our new friends, and wanted to do a special post just about them.

There have been many amazing blessings on this adoption journey and this is one of them. After we had commited to adopting Lucy and joined the Yahoo group from her SWI, I was given the name of a family that had sponsored Lucy's foster care for the short time she was in it. It turns out Joette, Hana and their family live just 30 min from our home! We have sinced emailed and Joette was able to provide us with a couple of pictures we had never seen of Lucy.
Joette and her family were meeting their FCC group at the Pumpkin Farm and invited us to come along, and to their home for us to visit. We had such a wonderful day together talking and sharing. It was so amazing for Joette to see the little girl in person that she had sponsored , prayed for, and hoped would have a family of her own one day.
Joette & Family~ Thank you for welcoming us into your home and sharing your day with us. We look forward to seeing you more often


  1. That is amazing - I have goosebumps! It really is a small, small world :)

  2. What an amazing story. I can't believe they live so close. What a blessing!

  3. This is beautiful!! Everything was just MEANT to be!!!

  4. I have a photo of my grandaughter in that exact spot!! Right by the spiders and one of her in the pumpkin house We had such a good time at there. Isnt it a fun place to go?