Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick-or-Treat 2008

update: A few people have asked if I made Lucy's costume, I did not. I actually had seen it in an expensive children's catalog first, but then found it at TJ M*axx! I did make her bucket, so that everyone would "get" her costume :)


"Bo Peep" enjoyed every minute of trick-or-treating!



Bennett was a "scary detective". We told the boys were weren't spending more than $10 on their costumes this year, so they had to be creative and use some of what we had from previous years. Bennett went to the $store and bought SWAT team play stuff and he and his friend Jake came up with this for a total of $5!!update: Bennett weighed his candy bag, and it was 4lbs!!!


This was Blake's last year to trick-or-treat, he was a UTAH fan since his friend Jensen had lots to share! Powell didn't make it into any pics, he didn't dress up, but went to a party at a friend's house.


Lucy was just as excited to pass out candy to all the kids. She would say "Tick-or-Treat" as she dropped it in their bags!


Heading out with Daddy!


Admiring all this yummy goodness....


One little "sweet" left at the end of the night~


Lucy insisted on a picture with some of our Jack-o-lanterns. Yes, this is a house filled with guys who love sports...hence the Ad*idas & N*ke symbols!!


  1. Too cute! Great ideas for the boys too.

  2. And I know you had fun veering from all those years of boy costumes...I know I did!

    Love your candy container...where did you get it?

  3. Oh My! That is the sweetest costume ever!! What a beautiful Bo Peep! Did you make it? It really is gorgeous!

  4. What a sweet Little Bo Peep! That costume is simply adorable! And great job on the boys with their costumes too. Love the pumpkins! You guys are talented carvers. My girl enjoys giving out candy almost more than trick or treating too. Enjoy the weekend!


  5. I love this post. The sports pumpkins are brilliant. Lucy looks blissfully happy. I love the photo of her and her Daddy... priceless! And your boys are so cute... I have a hunch that Lucy has them right where she wants them... which is as it should be. Happy Fall Dawn... now we can start getting ready for Christmas...

  6. Love the costume (especially the bucket!). Lucy makes a lovely Bo Peep.

    Have you discovered Fancy Nancy yet? It's Katie and Ella's favorite book -- and that's what they dressed up as for Halloween -- Fancy Nancy and her little sister. Check it out if you don't have it already!

  7. What an adorable Bo Peep....I also loved how she lined up all of her candy in an orderly fashion! Next year, we'll get to join in on the fun with Miss Liliah - this mama can't wait!

  8. Happy First Halloween precious Lucy!

  9. Lucy is so precious (as always!) in her Bo Beep costume. Love her hair cut - her hair is extra shiny and wavy! Love the sports pumpkins too.

  10. She is such a precious bo peep and looks great in pink and white!!
    love th nike!!

    Great shots beolw too, especially the cell phone! haha

  11. Love love love her costume!!She looks so darn cute! I love TJMaxx and Marshals. I find all kinds of cool things there and obviously you do as well! What a cutie and what a trippy thing for her-- going from house to house and them giving you candy while dressed up in funky outfits-- probably dont do that in China. Too funny to think about how odd that must have been for her but also how cool!!

    Christy :)

  12. She looks so sweet!!! Love it - Emily was Bo Peep this year too! The pic of her in the sweet jar is too cute.

    Another Happy First lucy!


  13. Lucy looks great in her costume!! I got Mia's costume at the same place - I love shopping there never know what goodies you will find :)

  14. I love that costume! I saw that in a catalog too...along with a sheep costume, but figured the girls would fight over them!:)
    Lucy is soooo cute in her costume...I bet all of the sheep were following her!

  15. Love your idea to give the boys a budget and have them figure out how to use it. :)

    I will get the package out to you asap!

  16. She is such a sweet little Bo Peep! Love her costume and she is so adorable as always!
    That is one cute bucket you made!!!

    The boys look super cool as well and good job to them on their costumes!

  17. Love the latest post! I only saw the title first and thought, what will this be, and then I saw Lucy in her marvelous coat and glasses.I loved Lucy in the boots so much I had to try the look out on Cate! I wasn't actually looking at the time but found her boots at Rack Room shoes. Sometimes it's hard to find a pair without too many embellishments!

  18. Oh my goodness! Lucy is darling. I almost put Kera in that same costume and had Lia be the sheep! LOL I decided against it for this year but I may do it for next year. We will see.

  19. Oh my, it is so cute and the wearer even more so!

  20. I'm smiling at the pumpkins -- we had one with a Michigan State football helmet carved in it and another with the Denver Br*ncos symbol. :)

    Lucy is just adorable at Bo Peep. Wasn't it so fun dressing a girl all up for Halloween?

  21. First thing I noticed about these pictures is that her eyes are open...and not squinting....I ahve been waiting for this....she has beautiful eyes....there is something about her that reminds me of Sophia.....