Tuesday, March 3, 2009


UPDATE:  I wanted you to see that I did "start" a London Wall on the wall the other side of the hall...it can be moved :)  I have to admit...this all DOES look better in person...everything looks so light in these photos...but you get the idea:)

LOVE this ceiling fixture from Ballard Design...I could't do a chandelier because the ceiling is too low, so this works well.

That wall, and the little around the door...darker color, wallpaper???  The color now is a couple shades darker than it appears in these pics.

Doors...should they be painted black or another color...the outside are black.  If anything the trim should match the doors right?  My hall closet and kitchen pantry doos are black as well.
Would love another rug~

(pic below)  What I did today.  I really want to paint the banister high gloss black and the stair rail (Artist knows that :)

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