Sunday, April 5, 2009

Say it isn't so!!!!

Round 2!!

Two weeks to the day....Powell's turn!  During Spring Break none the less!


  1. I remember when I was in school and I wanted to get the chicken pox from my brother and sisters so I couldn't go to school... ha... yeah I got them ok... during our school holidays...
    Hope it is over faster then it begins... :)

  2. Oh NO....not again!! I can't believe it took two weeks to come out.......Hope it doesn't take too long to run its course.


  3. Bless your heart!!! Ugh... I do not envy you!! I sure hope your sweet Lucy doesn't end up with them, too!! Maybe the 2 of you should go on vacation! lol

    Hope it is a quick and mild case!


  4. Oh my...YOU will need a break when this is all over! If the itching gets too bad you can make a wash with Dumboro soap powder and lay a cloth wet with it on them. It really helps a lot and helps them to heal quicker. Ask a pharmacist for's usually behind the counter.


  5. Oh no -- what a bummer for him to have the box during spring break! Hope nobody else gets it!


  6. That is so dreadful! Is there anything that can be done to prevent Lucy from getting CP? Oh Dawn--- I am so sorry. That would really cramp my style. Oh my goodness... you can't go anywhere! ;( I hope everything settles down SOON!!!

  7. Dawn,

    So sorry and during spring break! Hope he's feeling better in a few days so he can enjoy his vacation from school. Keep my fingers crossed that it doesn't spread.

    Your cartoon is great.

    xoxo Deborah and the gang

  8. Oh no!!! You poor thing! You will definitely be ready for a nice vacation after this! I hope it is a mild case and he is feeling better real soon!

  9. Oh NO~ I am so so so sorry. I know (all too well from experience) how hard this to have continued illness.


  10. This won't make Powell feel any better, but Kylee heard the news and said, "baah" and laughed... such rivals :)

  11. Dawn, when this round is over come to N.C. and get some rest!!!! LOL

  12. Noooooooo!! That totally is not cool but at least your family will be immune. Hopefully it will make its way thorough your whole family this one time nad it will be over with for good. Love the pics of Lucy in front of the mirror. They are tooooo precious!!!

    Christy :)