Saturday, July 25, 2009

Guangzhou China - One Year Ago

We booked our own travel to China, so we flew directly into Guangzhou and spent the first day sightseeing and soaking in the culture.  I remember seeing a few families with their babies, but it was relatively quiet...nothing like when we returned a week later with Lucy.  We were not approached by shopkeepers because we did not have a Chinese baby with us...a couple of them finally did ask if we were on our way to pick up our baby.

We loved reminded us so much of Savannah of my favorite cities!

We loved every minute in China and cannot wait to return one day with all of our children...I have been having a Shaken Black Tea Lemonade in remembrance of the ones I had in China...YUM!

It was 4 days before we would see our girl!


  1. I love the flashback pictures! Can't wait to see more!

  2. Wow, congrats & hurray on reaching such a wonderful day.....can you believe it. I seemed like forever to get to our girls and now they are with us. I'm still amazed when I look into my little girls eyes. I realized that today we are 1 month away from her 2nd birthday and the day we first lay eyes on her. Have fun counting down....I'll be following along...

  3. I always thought Shamian Island was like Savannah, too! (I spent a lot of my childhood in Beaufort.) I've enjoyed your flashback series.

  4. So fun to think back on your journey, isn't it -- but the best is yet to come! Great photos!