Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Lucy Joy Jingxuan!


Happy Happy Birthday to our Sweet Girl~

Somewhere in China a very special woman is thinking of the sweet baby Girl she gave birth to 5 years ago. Though she physically kept her for only one month, I am sure she has kept her in her heart everyday. Today I pray she feels Peace and that God will whisper to her heart and let her know that her Baby is Loved, Happy and Blossoming into a Beautiful Little Girl~ We will never be able to Thank her personally for the Wonderful Gift she gave to our Family, but we will always carry her in our hearts~

Lucy Joy,
Today you are 5!!! You are so excited, and keep asking if we have surprises for you!! Last year you had only been home one month when we celebrated your birthday, so it was a little overwhelming, but this year you know exactly what is going on!! We wish you a day FULL of fun and all the surprises your little heart desires. You are a Blessing beyond our wildest dreams, and we CELEBRATE you today!

Love, Daddy and Mommy


  1. Happy Birthday Lucy!!! You are a beautiful little 5 year old and you share my birthday :-) But, I am slightly (ha! ha!) older than you today. I hope your day is as special as you are.

    Linda Larson (mom to Sadie, ChangDe, almost 12 yrs., and Sophie, Vietnam, 10 yrs.)

  2. Happy Birthday Lucy! 5 is a fun age!

  3. Happy Happy Birthday Miss Lucy! I hope your day will be magical!


  4. Happy, Happy Birthday Lucy! I hope she has a wonderful day ~ love this post :)

  5. What a beautiful post for such a beautiful little girl! Your message to Lucy's biological Mother brought tears to my eyes. As we start our adoption process, I keep the thought of our daughter's biological parents close to my heart.

    Happy Birthday, Lucy!!


  6. Happy Birthday beautiful Lucy!! What a touching tribute to her birth Mother.

  7. Happy Birthday, Lucy! I hope all of your birthday wishes come true!

  8. Happy Birthday Miss Lucy!!

    I hope you have a fun filled day:)


  9. A BIG Happy Birthday to Lucy! Love your visit/b-day party w/friends at the cupcake shop. She looks so grown up with shoulder swept hair & tiara. Have a great time togehter.....

  10. Happy Birthday to your sweet Lucy! She's a dream come true for your family, isn't she! What a beautiful post to honor her birth mother too. Enjoy the celebrations!


  11. Happy birthday to you Lucy! Many people all over the world think you are pretty special... Libby & I included!