Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Friday Finds!

I read on my friend Kim's blog that another blogger Colleen started Friday Find's a few weeks, since I had this post ready I though I would join in!!!

Oxygen Magazine...I have only bought the Jan and Feb issues, but so far I love this magazine. It is not full of HUGE body builder women, but instead is full of FIT women. I love the magazine Clean Eating, and this seems to be along the same lines, with one of their Food experts-Tosca Reno-writing a column or two. I am really wanting to get my body in great physical shape, and there are really great workout exercises in here that are easy to follow, and some great recipes too! I have found it very motivating!!

Another fun thing I have found are these....


Sharpie Pens!!! I LOVE Sharpies...and I LOVE black pens that are not "roller ball" and have a fine point...well, here they are!!! AND the best part about them is, they do not bleed through the paper!!!

Along the lines of Oxygen Magazine...I found Daily Plate. It is a free way to track your meals/calories and Fitness. I am not usually obsessed with doing that, but it has been very interesting to visually see what I am eating and how I am burning my calories.

Go to: and then click on Daily Plate.

P.S. Don't forget the great new Artist I recently discovered...Melody the post below!


  1. Thanks for playing with me today!!! I have never looked through Oxygen magazine but I will the next time I'm in the bookstore : ) thank you for the suggestion. I love that it has clean eating...I working very hard to change my eating habits.
    So happy you posted!! I love how everyone has posted such different things...this is what it's all about!!! Love it!!!

  2. DAWN!!!! How crazy is it that I just started following Tosca's Eat Clean Diet last week!!! Not an easy task to convince the rest of the family to jump on board though!

  3. How funny you love Sharpie pens too. Check my header out...a Sharpie pen by my daily iced coffee. Love your finds!!!

  4. I love Clean Eating so maybe I should look at this too.

    Thanks for the tip:)

  5. I love Oxygen magazine..... it is filled with wonderful tips and great recipes!!

    Thanks for sharing...and thanks for stopping by my sister's online boutique! She is just getting things loaded onto the website and has some ideas that branch out a little further than just babies and brides!!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend:)



  6. Hi Dawn!! Love your finds! Love sharpies too!! I am now a "follower" on your blog but for some reason could not post a know me! I have got to get better at blogging but need serious help in the tech dept. xoxo happy weekend durlfriend!