Sunday, February 21, 2010

XIN NIAN KUAI LE~Happy Chinese New Year!

The restaurant that we like to go to to celebrate Chinese New Year did their festivities on Saturday night. We went with our friends The Brown's, who just brought their sweet Girl Faith home one month ago, and my parents and niece Makenna Riley. We had a great time!

Our Little China Girl

My friend Dawn and a sleepy little Faith


We had a very cool experience at dinner....our waitress asked where the Girls were from, and we shared they are both Hunan girls. When I told her Lucy was from Changde, her face lit up and she said she knew how to speak the Changde dialect. She began talking to Lucy, and by the look on Lucy's face I knew she understood what this woman was asking her. Lucy began to nod her head and smile, she would not speak Chinese, but I was overcome to realize she still remembered it. So, as we were leaving I slipped this woman my name and phone number, and pretty much begged her to tutor Lucy in Mandarin. I am hoping she calls! I know there are other sources available, however right now Lucy does not need lessons she needs conversation, and this could be perfect!

Makenna got to pet the dragon!

What a gorgeous group of children!! (If I do say so myself :)
(Kylee, Powell, Blake and Jensen)

Bennett and Dallin are good friends!

I just love this picture of Lucy and Kylee...Lucy is doing what she does best...TEXT!

Happy Year of the Tiger!


  1. Dawn,
    It looks like y'all had a great time!! Lucy looks cute as ever! I hope your waitress will call and is willing to tutor her! wouldn't that be great??
    Happy Year of the Tiger!!

  2. What a fun celebration! Cute pictures!

  3. These pictures are wonderful! Thanks so much for inviting us, we had a wonderful time! Faith is on my lap and saw the picture of her with her finger in her mouth and said, "teeth" so cute! She also says "Lucy!" I am sure they will be best of friends...despite the splashing of the tea ceremony :( I hope Lucy survived inviting the Brown's.

  4. Great photos!! Lucy looks adorable!! My son's 6th grade teacher is Chinese. He had the kids decorate their own dragons using boxes, sheets, crepe paper and all sorts of other goodies. They had a parade at school and a catered lunch so that the kids could eat (sort of) authentic food and celebrate the chinese new year!

  5. What a fun celebration! How very cool that you met that woman -- hope it all works out! You do have the cutest family! Bet your phone is ringing off the hook with girls calling those good looking sons of yours!

    Have a great week!

  6. This was so much fun to read Dawn! Everyone looks like they had a great time. Great looking bunch of kids, and that Lucy...ahhhhhh love the first picture of her!

  7. Looks like a GREAT celebration with fun friends. I hope that woman calls you and can begin conversations with Lucy.

    I just have to tell you that Lucy's joy and sweetness radiates off the computer screen. You know we see so many beautiful lil girls on these blogs but for some reason Lucy REALLY grabs my heart. I so wish we did not live across the country from one another.

    I think we would be great friends and our girls would be too.