Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lions Baseball!

Weather wise, this has not been a great baseball seasons here in Washington :) Blake has had almost an equal number of games cancelled as played...not fun for a boy that wants to play. The season is short as it I finally was able to get out there and get some great pics!

Blake put on his catchers gear for this game, after not catching for a few years...he did great!

of course these days...he cannot seem to go anywhere without the paparazzi showing up...but how can you get mad when they are THIS cute!

I have always loved Blake's baseball stance. I don't know if it is correct "form" or not...I just like it :)

oh, just a little inside the park, home run!!

It is hard to imagine Blake's freshman year is coming to an end. This year he kept busy playing football, basketball and baseball...can't wait to see what he does next year!


  1. These are gorgeous shots! I love Lucy with the phone too:)

  2. Great pictures, Dawn! Looks like you have trouble if Miss Lucy is already texting!!! Have a great week! Love, Kim

  3. Am loving the camera... Lucy done me proud with that :)

  4. Blake appears to be quite the athlete! Your photography is amazing here Dawn. Great shots! Or, should I be thanking Ms. Lucy?

  5. Dawn - These are such awesome pictures!! Boys are meant for this game and he looks pret-ty good at it! Inside the park! WooHoo!! Go Blake!
    I remember those days...the rain, the SNOW! That is spring baseball in Chicago!! The coldest sport you'll ever watch or play!
    Loving the paparazzi too :)
    Love, Mary Ann

  6. Very cool pictures and GREAT JOB Blake on the HR!!!! My freshman switched to crew (rowing) this year and it makes me sad to think that this is the first year in the last 14 years that I haven't had at least one kid on a baseball diamond! I miss it.

    so glad you made it back to my blog. I never went anywhere, but I'm really glad you found me again!