Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy 40th Birthday Jeff

We celebrate Jeff's birthday every year since he's been gone with a cake and balloons.
It gives us all something to look forward to that day and a celebration of a wonderful Guy! It is really hard to believe that my "little" brother would have been 40 this year.
What would he have thought about that? Andrea says he didn't like turning 30 :)...hmmm.
I do know he would have been proud of his most precious pride and joy....

his sweet girl Makenna Riley.

Andrea and Makenna Riley

Grammy and Makenna

This year Makenna made a special birthday card to tie to her balloons to send to her Daddy in heaven...I "know" he got it!

Getting ready to send off our wishes to Jeff~

Happy Happy 40th Birthday Jeffrey...we love you and miss you, but KNOW we will see you again! xoxo

We Miss YOU!!


  1. I love the way you all celebrate your brothers birthday! I just lost my little brother last July just before his 42nd birthday. We had a big celebration at his favorite place with all his favorite people last year...I don't imagine the years get easier. My thoughts and prayers (and birthday wishes) go out to Jeff and his family! Linda Larson

  2. this is so, so sweet.
    hugs to you & your family, dawn. ♥

  3. makes me sad that you lost your brother so early and that his daughter and wife have to continue here without him until heaven. But I love the way you celebrate him each year.