Monday, June 14, 2010

Look who got his driving permit!!

Friday afternoon Blake and his friend Jensen celebrated another milestone in their teenage years...they got their learner's permits!
My friend Dawn and I took the boys together (they will be doing Driver's Ed together too!) which made the wait MUCH more fun!!


  1. So exciting and yet so scary at the same time! Hold on tight!


  2. What a beautiful family you have!! Found your blog from another.

    I have 4 boys and one little girl from china and going back for another little this year!!

  3. just clicked on your daughters blog and we were in China at the same time!!!! We came home Aug 10th 2008 but we spent the 6th - 9th in Hong Kong before coming home. We flew into Portland, Or airport from HOng Kong.

  4. How cute and scary all at once!!! ;)

  5. ooo this is not ok!! I am just now dealing with the fact that my 13 year old son is looking me in the eye and now to see this coming up. Ack! Not ok, not ok!! Love your blog, just stumbled upon it!

  6. Blake, Congratulations!!!!

    To see you behind the wheel...WOW!!!

    I'm proud of you, Blake...always use caution and watch out for the other guy!!

    Love Pops.