Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lucy's going to Kindergarten!

Today was Lucy's last day of Pre-K...she is now on her way to Kindergarten!
She was so excited for her big dress, new sandals and a grad day pedicure...all set!

Lucy and her friends sang some of their favorite songs and each child was celebrated!

The Happy Graduate

My Sweet Girl

Lucy and her best friend, Camryn. These two play together at least twice a week even after seeing each other everyday at school...we better plan lots of play dates this summer!

Miss Susan...Lucy adores Susan, and today she gave Lucy her phone number, which made Lucy's day!

Three wonderful teachers....Miss Peggy, Miss Stephanie and Miss Susan end to a great year!!


  1. Way to go, Lucy! How exciting! Cute picture!

  2. Congratulations to Lucy. I love the pictures with her little cap on her head, just precious.

  3. Congratulations to your sweet girl! I hope you have a wonderful summer together :)

  4. WOW! Congratulations Lucy! It is so hard to believe she is off to Kindergarten!

  5. Dawn,

    Congratulations to Lucy! Wow, can you believe you are at this milestone already? She looks like such a young lady with her outfit and cap and gown.....have a great summer!

  6. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I loved reading your last few posts. Lucy and Joy were both names I loved for my Eve, but Daddy really wanted Eve. My Lily was actually Lucy for about an hour, too. And my Ben, I wanted Bennett, but we had to compromise on that one, too!
    Good luck on the laundry initiation. At least they have a great example in their dad!

  7. Congrats, Lucy! She is SO precious!!!

  8. Dawn!! How sweet you two look!! I love that picture!
    She can't be old enoungh to be in Kindergarten!!!! Wha?!
    Man.. Time is flying by!
    Best wishes for her new year!

  9. Yay Lucy!! Looks like she had a great year with some special teachers and friends! You two are so cute together. Have a fun summer!


  10. Oh that is so sweet!!!! She is just darling!!!! I love her just radiates joy. Kindergarten? She is such a big girl! Kate is going into PK:)

  11. Awww Congrats Lucy!!!! SO cute as usual! LOVE the photo of the 2 of you together!! ;)

  12. I love how proud she is! She is absolutely adorable!!