Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Faith!

Faith & Dawn

Our friend Faith turned 3! Faith has been home only 6 months, so it was so fun to get to be able to share her birthday with her!

Kylie is Faith's big sister...and Lucy LOVES her!

Dawn created such a darling party in the park!

Faith's big birthday gift was a new car! Lucy had never seen one of these, and her mouth FELL open when Faith pulled off the wrapping....guess what "someone" wants for her birthday??

documenting the first accident...oops!

Faith was very sweet to give Lucy a chance to try out her driving skills!
Happy Birthday Faith!


  1. Oh my -- what a fabulous party and such pretty girls! I think somebody needs to leave a note about that birthday request! Lucy looks like a natural in that cute car!


  2. What a doll Faith is! Are she and Lucy the same size? So cute!

  3. How fun! Does Lucy remember enough Chinese to talk to Faith in it?