Monday, August 9, 2010

A special friendship

Meet Wu
Wu is from Liberia
He came here to get an education
He has lived in our neighborhood the past 2 years, with the last year at my friend's house across the street

Wu is an amazing Christian who walks by faith every single day
Faith that somehow he will be able to pay his tuition
Faith that somehow he will be able to finish his education

The Lord does provide, and Wu will be attending college this fall with his tuition paid
and a place to call home

Lucy loves Wu
She will find him in church and he will pick her and her doll up and hold her through our worship songs
She will find him at Candy's house and want him to hold her

I was determined before Wu moved to his new home this summer to attend school, that I capture their hands

There is something very special about seeing these two together~


  1. Sounds like such a beautiful friendship. I LOVE the photos of their hands:0)

  2. So sweet -- love the photo of their hands!


  3. I love these photos! So sweet. And Wu sounds like a pretty incredible guy :)

    Are you on Facebook? All the detailed apartment photos will be going there. I won't be posting anything with a view or anything that gives away what my building looks like.

    I'm a little neurotic :)

  4. This made me tear up. It's amazing!! I really love the photo of their hands together.

  5. What a beautiful friendship! You have to frame the hand photo....gorgeous!

  6. 2 different countries.....great leaps of faith...a brighter future for both. These two have a very special bond.
    Love the photos.

  7. oh, dawn...
    this stopped me in my tracks.
    ♥ wu & lu ♥

  8. How sweet!! I wish him all the very best at school!

  9. Ah, such sweetness. Truly. Heart stopping! xoxo

  10. What a beautiful post and photo!!! Lucy is seriously ADORABLE!!!! Wu sounds like an amazing young man. What a blessing to have him in your lives. Wishing him all the best!

  11. I love that! So sweet. He sounds like an amazing person.