Wednesday, September 29, 2010


So Homecoming is just around the corner here at our house.
Powell and Mackenzie have been great friends since the 5th grade and have never attended any school dance together.
This is their Senior year and 
Powell wanted to ask her in a fun and creative way!

With the help of his brother, and two friends, they covered Mack's bedroom walls, bed, floor, desk, etc...with 4800 sticky notes...and on one wall....

After she got home...he went to her house with flowers...
she said "yes"!

This year the boys and their friends have had lots of fun coming up with creative ways to ask their friends to homecoming.

Blake asked his date by having Powell and two friends "kidnap" her from her house and drive her to the "viewpoint" where Blake was waiting dressed up and with flowers...(don't worry, her sister was in on the kidnap, so she knew she was safe :)

I am so proud of these guys for stepping out of their comfort zones to make someone else feel special!


  1. What a a creative way to ask her. They make an adorable couple.

  2. I love you guys. you are both so special.

  3. Dear Powell/Blake...I can't believe how cool you two are...I am super proud of you both!!

    Love you all....Pops.

  4. THAT is super cool!!!!

    What an awesome, fun idea!!!

  5. Busy at your house :) They are all such great kids! Props to mama and baba!

  6. While this goes against my whole "being green" policy, that is just too cute. It is one of those stories that she will tell in the years to come. SO SWEET!

  7. That is adorable! I love it!! I will have to share that with my boys!

  8. How sweet!!!!! You are raising some mighty fine young men there...imagine how they will propose some day??

  9. I {{{love}}} Powell for being bold and creative. What a COOL way to get her attention!

  10. this is artful & clever & adorable.
    {and i know that powell would only use post-it notes made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper}
    mackenzie is a beautiful girl & a very good sport.
    {mackenzie, i L♥Ve your chandelier!}