Friday, September 10, 2010

Lucy's 6th Birthday!

Happy Birthday Lucy!
Today you are 6!!
We let you open gifts this morning because we knew Grammy and Papa had a big surprise for you later that night!

An IPod??  You lucky Girl!!

Daddy and I took cupcakes to your school and celebrated with your teacher and friends!

After school we got busy on your cake!  You wanted 2 store bought cakes that you pile on top of each other, and then LOAD up with all kinds of had been talking about this kind of cake for months!

Our happy Birthday Girl!

Your gift for Grammy and Papa was this battery powered jeep!!  Ever since Faith's birthday, THIS has been all you have wished for!!  You were thrilled!

You are a very good driver...and Bennett "just" fits in the jeep too :)

Happy Birthday to the sweetest 6 year old EVER!!