Monday, October 4, 2010

A Harvest Birthday Dinner Tablescape~

This last Sunday I hosted a Birthday dinner for my Mom and Stepdad~

The tablescape is my take on the PB table I posted about in my previous post
As much as I love all the home is more about color...I am inspired by the colors in "tuscan style" decorating, and at this time of year it is abundant!

I know, I know, my Boys let me know, I forgot an "E" in celEbrate! :)

I just had to share my roasted chickens. 
 Anne mentioned in a recent post about the simplicity and comfort of a Sunday Roast...and shared this 
recipe from House I thought I would give it a try.

As I was flipping through my House Beautiful magazine I also found this recipe
(image House Beatutiful) I made those too...these were sooo delicious...a MUST try!!  
...and I also saw this recipe

(image House Beautiful) I made those too!
Delicious...I made wild rice and bread to accompany it all!

A perfect Havest Birthday Dinner!!


  1. Oh my goodness all looks so good. The food is so very special and your decor looks better than Pottery Barn. I know your mom was so flattered by this festive evening.

  2. Dawn, i would love the pumpkin muffin recipe, pretty please!

  3. also, this post is so polished and sounds like, and LOOKS like, a great dinner!:)