Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Homecoming 2010 - Powell Part1 (Entourage Pictures!)

It really doesn't get any sweeter with these two!
They adore each other

Lucy and her "Dates" Kahlen and Powell

Powell and his friends met up to take some Guy pics (Entourage style) before they met their dates.
They had a great time hanging out together and goofing around before they had to take pictures with the Girls.

They really are as cool as they look!
These boys have stuck together and walked side by side with Garrett these past months...
and I couldn't be any more proud!

Powell and Kahlen 

Powell, Kahlen and Corbin


My Handsome Senior!

Kahlen & Powell

Brendan & Powell

Corbin & Powell

Garrett (Homecoming KING) & Powell

My Sweet Guy


  1. Oh Dawn -- those photos are priceless!! So cute -- what a great group of guys! They are adorable! And Lucy -- so cute too! Brothers and little sisters are so special together!


  2. Go Seniors 2011! Good times and many more for this school year! Blake is so handsome!

  3. Dawn, Powell looks just like you!!!I am so glad Garrett is King! He looks like he is doing so well. Still praying for him and his mom.

  4. I meant to say Powell, but Blake is of course handsome too!

  5. I LOVE all of the homecoming photos!
    Everyone looks fabulous!!!!

  6. I am catching up on here Dawn! Lots to see, miss you!!!! The boys are growing up so much! We just had Homecoming too, so much fun for our little girls to be a part of too!!! I love the Rooster dress, seems like I remember seeing a post about it before, so glad she can finally wear it, I just pulled a few things out for Myah too and snapped a few photos of her in them, I have had them for a few years! We have to buy the cute stuff when we see it!!!

  7. dawn, it was soo much fun to see these pics! thank you for sharing them. how great for your kiddos that they have all of these great memories documented! xoxo, ~jill