Monday, November 22, 2010

College Visit #3 - Boise State University!

This past weekend Powell and I flew to Boise to visit BSU.
Boise is a very cool town and we both liked the BSU campus.

This was our airplane...we traveled on game day, so everyone was pretty pumped on the flight over!

The weather in Boise was 32, grey, drizzly, and COLD...we felt right at home :)

Some very cool Bronco statues around campus~

The Boise River runs right through campus, it is really beautiful! 

{student housing at BSU has a very cool set up} 

On our way in to see the famous Bronco blue field! 

{the FAMOUS blue field!} 

The whole city of Boise is FULL of Bronco is very cool!

So, Powell.....

"Do you think you could be a Bronco???"

I guess we'll wait and see!


  1. He will be the best Bronco!!! Just think...weekend dinner at Mama Catie's, laundry done whenever needed and lots of visits from you Dawn because you will not be able to stay away. :) Yep, I'd say this is THE place!

  2. Looks like a very cool campus -- love that blue field!! Hey, is Lincoln, Nebraska on your list for a campus visit? I think he wants to be a Husker! :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!