Sunday, November 28, 2010

Meeting a Blogger Friend~FINALLY!

When I knew my son and I were heading to Boise, there was NO way I was going and not getting to meet my friend Catie.

 You see, Catie and I met blogging over 2 years ago, we have emailed and commented, but until my trip was booked had never even talked on the phone.  When Catie found out I was coming she offered for Powell and I to stay with her and her family.  I truly felt as if I have known Catie for years, and so my answer was a resounding "YES"!

Getting off the airplane and seeing Catie and her children waiting for Powell and I was like getting to see an old friend...we hugged as if it had been years (2 in fact :)

After our BSU tour, Catie picked us up and we headed back to her house. 
We laughed, chatted, and caught up with each others lives.

On Saturday, we headed to Powell's Sweet Shoppe...seems like the perfect destination for an aspiring dentist...don't ya think??

After that we had lunch and went to Catie's favorite thrift store.  Catie always finds the BEST stuff there, so I was so excited to see what treasures I could find!

(we took these pics in the thrift store because we had a group of friend holding their breath WAITING for pics of us together:)

Later in the day we went for a walk to visit the ducks.  Catie found 2 abandoned duck eggs during the spring, took them home, hatched them, raised them, and released them back to the ponds where she found them.  I have seen video and heard stories of how Pip and Papito KNOW Catie when she gets to the ponds...but to see it in person was so 

(even Powell had to see this in person, and he could NOT believe it!)

We had such a fun relaxing visit...Catie and her family made us feel so welcome in their home...
(Marian, Emily, Powell and Ned) 

I know that if Powell ends up going to BSU, I will not have to worry one bit about him, knowing that Catie is just a phone call away!


  1. I loved living this visit through you both. I do hope Powell says yes to BSU!!!

  2. This post warmed my heart so much!!! I love it when bloggers meet, and you two look like kindred spirits.

  3. I so enjoyed reading this and experiencing your visit with catie. What wonderful memories you made!! xoxo So happy you two met!

  4. this was such a fun weekend.
    it was like we had a visit from auntie dawn and cousin powell. lots of food, a little wine, and a very real friendship that was started in this virtual world. this is better living through science, in my book.
    we'll be happy for you, powell, wherever you choose to go to college, but we would love to have you here for dinner & some Wii boxing when your schedule allows {and you look so good in BLUE & ORANGE!} ♥

  5. Awww Dawn I LOVE this post!!! How fun that you got to meet in person!