Saturday, January 1, 2011

Project 365

For a few years I have wanted to participate in Project 365, one picture a day for each day of the year!  This year I am going to give it a can follow along (keep me accountable :) over on my Ciao Bella Blog!


  1. Thank you for all your sweet comments! Can't wait to follow your 365. I've thought about doing it too but not sure I have the stamina! lol.

  2. Oh you can do this Dawn and I look forward to following along!! :)

  3. Dawn,
    I answered your question in my comments, but will leave it here for you too, hope it helps!

    I use a simple 3-subject spiral notebook. My first section is for prayers, I just start a list and add to it and pray through it. The rest of the notebook (starting in the second section) is where I make notes from each days Bible study/reading and also a little "to do" list just for that day.
    If I come across a prayer request while on the computer or talking to someone, etc, depending on the situation, I'll either stop what I'm doing and pray right then or I'll grab my notebook and add it to the list. If I don't have my notebook handy as is often the case, I'll just make a note and add it later. Some situations, I just pray and let it go and others, I want to pray continually, so that's when I add it to my list.
    The "God Box" I started has been interesting in that it's challenged me to pray and then let I'm still trying to figure out the difference there...still working on that one. :)
    I hope this all makes sense and I hope it helps, let me know!