Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Well....Lucy has made it!!

One of Lucy's fashion videos has made it to the big time!

Designer Tracy Porter enjoyed Lucy's video so much, she asked if she could share it on her blog!!!
So head on over and check out Tracy's blog today, with a little "splash of funky and jazzy" Lucy!!
( you can also see Lucy's videos HERE)


  1. Absolutely adorable!!! She is hysterical!
    Love it!!

  2. Please submit her scarf video to the Ellen show! I think it's halarious and it would be awesome if she made it on there!

  3. Hi Callie! Thank you!... I did submit her "Scarf video" to the Ellen show a couple of weeks ago, not sure how long something like that takes...I even had a friend send an email about it to Ellen because she loved it so much! Cross you fingers for us!!

  4. Oh my goodness! What a hoot! That video is so stinkin' cute!

  5. Hi Dawn, I am trying to get my blog up and running and was wondering if I could ask you a couple questions...do you have an email I can ask you on? I know you are busy, but I think they are easy?!!

    I really think also that Lucy should be on some show - like the Ellen idea...it will happen, it is just a matter of when!

    Linda Larson

  6. Golly gosh, Dawn! Your girl is gonna make it big time!!


  7. I'm not sure how I stumbled upon your blog today but I am SO glad I did!

    Lucy is absolutely adorable. Her funky and jazzy scarf tutorial is too stinkin cute. Her dramatic flair is sure to carry her far in this world. This is the best post I’ve read in a long time!

    Thanks for the giggle ~

  8. I am not surprised....She was ADORABLE in that video!!! I think of her every time I jazz it up with a scarf:)
    Congrats Lucy...way to go!

  9. That's awesome! I hadn't seen this one! I love her cooking one too...those onions look yummy, a girl after my own heart...LOTS of salt and pepper!! lol

  10. My Lovely granddaughter the movie star!!!

    Love you, Lucy! Ye Ye

  11. So adorable! Lucy knows how to style that scarf! She is so precious!


  12. I was going to ask if I could share it on mine. My blog is obviously not 1/1000th as exciting, but if I can post it I'd still love to! :)

  13. just found your blog!!!! and so happy i did! I adore lucy! She is adorable and a sylist in training! I would love to feature her in my real life cool kids series (thursdays). thecoolkidsblog.com