Friday, February 11, 2011

A very LONG week!

This has been the longest week ever...let me break it down for you....

Monday -
Got a call from the school, Lucy was in the nurses office again.  I of course was at the grocery store with a cart FULL again.  I panicked because 2 weeks ago when she was in the nurses office we went straight to the ER.  She had been diagnosed with a kidney infection the week prior, test results came back negative, then a week later she is having tummy pain, vomiting...go to a CT scan, xray and leave with a diagnosis of Messenteric Lymphadenitis an abdominal virus that mimics appendicitis.  She seemed to recover from why was she in the nurses office again???  Turns is 5th grade buddy day and she just didn't want to go, her reason, "it's just too much writing" :)

Tuesday -
Blake goes to get his drivers license...and PASSES!!!!!

Bennett had been sick the past week, missed school with an ear infection and bad sore throat.  Monday night he gets hives.  Take him to the Dr. and decide to stop his antibiotic and see if they go away, or possibly it could be an allergy.

Pick up Lucy from school...she starts saying that her tooth hurts...get her to the dentist for an xray, and decide it is her 6 year molars coming through.

Wednesday -
Lucy is on Tylenol and Motrin alternating to stop the pain, poor baby.  Pick her up from school, she is in EXTREME pain, just about jumps throught the ceiling when I touch a tooth that had a HUGE filling a month the Dentist, we think the tooth is going to need a root canal, but for now we get her on antibiotics to stop infection.

Thursday -
Powell starts his new job!  Well, actually outside of some summer work, this is his first real part-time job...very cool!

Poor Lucy is taking her medicine but still needs Tylenol to curb the pain!

Friday -
So far so good!
Lucy gets to go to her Best Friend Camryn's birthday party.
Blake takes the car (for the first time by himself!!!!) to go see a friend...I am a mess!
oh wait....
Bennett just came to show me he has red splotches ALL over his face.....really?????

( I share all this since it is our family scrapbook...not for your sympathy...well, maybe a little sympathy :)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh man girl that is one rough week....I am a bag of nerves already and Kyle is only going to write his permit next month...I am so not ready for him to be driving ekkkk. Both Kyle and Emma have had terrible coughs and tomorrow is Emma's birthday party with her friends...I pray she is feeling up to it to attend her own party at the pool. I hope your kids are feeling better and that next week is a much better one for you...hugs*


  2. Boy do you have my sympathy! Being an empty nester I had forgotten how hard those weeks could be. Time does fly though...hang tight!

  3. Want it or not, you have my sympathy! :)
    Goodness gracious, so glad that week is over for you. I hope everyone is feeling better and that you all are able to enjoy the weekend.
    I will add Blake's safety to my little list of prayers. :)
    And your sanity. xoxo

  4. What a week! Hope all are feeling good for the weekend! Now somebody else can go get the groceries for you! Hang in there! :)


  5. Oh my goodness Dawn!! I feel your pain! Rough week here too! Hope everyone is feeling better!! As for your son driving on his own? I think I might have to be sedated when that starts happening in our household! ;)

  6. You have my sympathy too. It seems likes some weeks are just plain CRAZY with all the ups and downs. I will pray for Lucy's pain and for Blake's safety as a new driver. I'll be there is 2 or so years with Will and the thought terrifies me:)


  7. Holy cow! You have my sympathy too! Hope your weekend was better!

    Happy Valentine's Day!