Wednesday, March 9, 2011

40 bags in 40 days!

Update:  Our family has decided on these things to give up:
Toby - sugar
Powell - fast food
Blake - energy drinks
Bennett - soda & candy
Lucy - we made a jar with different things she can do each day to bless someone :)

I am participating!
Follow along over at Ciao Bella!!


  1. i might give this whirl too. it is not my lenten sacrifice but i do need to de-clutter

  2. I'm doing this too! Got off to a great start yesterday! I probably have way more than 40 bags to get rid of at my house!

    Good luck!


  3. I am working on my 40 bags but I am not doing one a day. Love the lenten sacrifices. We are doing the jar too and my kids love iit!