Friday, March 4, 2011

Fashion Friday!

Lucy shares 3 of her favorite coats and gives you ideas on how to style each :)


  1. Lucy!! Just like your pretty red coat, 'it just feels good' to see your sweet face and hear your sweet voice giving your fabulous jazzy and funky style tips! I agree with you - the leopard coat IS the cutest!! xoxo ~ Denise

  2. i honestly think i could listen to you, miss lucy! they all look quite smashing on you, but i completely agree - the leopard coat is my favorite too!! espesh the hot pink inside!! keep up the fashion inspiration, lucy!! we LOVE it here in naperville :)

  3. i am feeling very inspired here in boise!!
    lucy, darling, i love how these 3 coats give you 3 very different looks. you can just sort of see how jazzy or funky you feel & then pick one out.
    your leopard "party coat" is so pretty & fun.
    i bet it would look snappy with jeans & low top converse {or cowgirl boots} ~ sort of a high/low look ♥

  4. OMG granddaughters who are four and five just LOVE Lucy. We just watched all...the videos and they are asking me for more of Lucy.
    She is a hit in this house tonight!!! they want to make their own video...too cute.

  5. Lucy darling, this coat video is just the best! I love your jazzy and funky style. I wish you were here in N.C. to help me dress more stylish and also to help me cook. I know you are fabulous in the kitchen too. Perhaps if I had a new pepper mill I could cook better like you!

  6. Hi there! Found your blog through Bex. Oh my Goodnessssss!! Could your daughter be any more adorable! I can't handle it!! :)