Friday, April 29, 2011

Cheers to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

I was up a little after 1, and Lucy really wanted me to wake at 2:30 she and Blake joined me.  Blake bundled up with his sleeping bag on the floor, but Lucy enjoyed her spot of tea and biscuits.

We loved every moment

Kate's dress was gorgeous....she looked stunning and regal...a future Queen,
and William so handsome in his uniform.
Lucy really wanted to see the kiss, but she had fallen asleep, and I didn't have the heart to wake her...she did wonder if all her friends from school were watching too...I think not :)


  1. I loved it too!
    But he isn't a prince anymore? I am confused!

  2. I cheated and watched on-line afterwards. I thought the event was stunning, sermon meaningful and music moving. They were so sweet and genuine with each other. When I saw Kath driving to the was such a beautiful picture to me of how God really rejoices over His bride and how glorious we are to Him and how rich He has made us by bringing us into His family……oh, how much he loves us!

  3. I taped it for Em... although she is more interested in becoming a knight to save the queen than the queen herself.

    I loved, loved her dress. So Grace Kelly. I knew it would be Alexander McQueen too. Just gorgeous.

  4. i am completely smitten with them!!!
    loved everything about the royal wedding...
    except of course, b & e's ensembles & fascinators--oh my!

  5. I love this. I'll bet this is one of your favorite memories with Lucy and will be one of hers over the years to come as well. So sweet!