Thursday, April 21, 2011

Oh Tooth are the best!

Lucy was SO excited for the Tooth Fairy!
She really wanted to keep her tooth to show to Grammy and Papa, so she left the Fairy a note :)

....and when she woke up,
this is what she found!

 I did let her know that the TF usually leaves $1, but since she had to have this tooth was worth a little more :)


  1. I am glad the tooth fairy took such care of Lucy. Kate and I talked of Lucy all the way to school today. Kate wants to drive over and have a play-date with y'all. She wants to wear their matching orange dresses and be twins. It was so cute. She really thinks of Lucy as her friend!!! I told her maybe we can exchange photos of the girls in their orange dresses and post them side my side on our blogs and they will be "virtual twins."

    Hugs. Have a blessed Easter!!!

  2. Cute pictures! Hooray for a generous tooth fairy! Our tooth fairy also brings $5.00 for the first tooth and a buck after that! She also forgets to take the tooth on occasion!

  3. well thank goodness the tooth fairy took her situaion into account & tried to leave a respectable treat!
    waht a doll

    ps- have i told you your profile pic is gorgeous? xo

  4. Cha-ching!! :D
    The Tooth Fairy is so awesome!!

  5. Wow, so cool that you lost a tooth and got $5 for it. Our TF does the same thing and then for all other teeth she leaves a toonie ($2) Cute picture Lucy:) Ps. when we visit your blog Emma is always very excited to see her "friend" Lucy. She says is that "Jazzy" Lucy Mama? I tell her "yes it is" and she asks if you have any new video's....tell Mama we are waiting for a new one;) Ps. Emma would LOVE to see more of your bedroom...looks so pretty.