Sunday, April 10, 2011

Progress Week 5 {40 bags in 40 days}

LOTS accomplished here this first I thought, not so much, but when I look at my list and start writing this post, I did pretty good :)

This week I tackled....

~Master Bedroom bedside table...found MORE videos from when the boys were younger that I had saved for Lucy, and she is just not interested, so off they went.

~Master Closet....I had done this not too long ago, but there were some things that had to go!


~Blake & Bennett's closet & bedroom...since the boys' were home on spring break this week, I got in their room with them, they HATE when I do that :)...and we purged!


~Foyer cabinet...this is where I store candle holders, candles, etc...I had done this recently this became just a tidy up job :)

~Library :) armoire....I store my craft supplies in here...I really just tossed lots of junk!

(this bag is the perfect example of why I started 40/40...I hang on to stuff like this!)

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