Thursday, April 14, 2011

A "sweet" basket~

Lucy's class made these cute little easter baskets today at school.  A chef from our local community college came to the school and made these with the kids. 

 The wafer "basket" was pre-made,  he piped chocolate frosting around the rim and the kids dipped them in colored coconut.  They each received a bag with all of the candies to fill it, and he went step by step of how to "layer" the candies, so the Peep would end up on top.

He was the sweetest man, and the kids had so much fun!


  1. That is the sweetest basket ever!

  2. Lucy, make sure you daddy gets the Peep from the top....he used to love eating peeps!!

    I love you and your whole family!!!

    Ye ye

  3. Yum! This time of the year is so not good for my resolve to eat less sugar. lol.