Thursday, May 26, 2011

All Things Farmer

I clicked on a link on my friend Catie's blog the other day called
and I have been hooked!


James Farmer is a landscape designer form Georgia, and in his "about  me" this is what he said ...

"A glass of tea, sweetened, and garnished with lime; a garden lined with boxwoods and brimming with bouquets to be cut and arranged; a meal prepared with seasonal flair and flavored with soul; a home for comfort, classicism, and personal style…all things of delight, all things of warmth, all things of provenance… all things Farmer."

He had me at "tea" and "boxwoods"!

James has so many great recipes, and garden and entertaining ideas on his blog...AND he has a book coming out in September!

One thing that caught my eye was his recipe for

His favorite iced tea is made with Lipton tea bags and one Earl Grey bag with simple syrup. 
 I am a HUGE Earl Grey tea drinker so I knew I would love this...and I must try!!

If you haven't visited All Things Farmer...I highly reccomend it!


  1. oh, yes... i have made his tea {using stevia to sweeten}.
    virginia is who clued me in to this farmer.
    he is adorable.
    try his recipe for mimi's apple cake.

  2. Tea=Summer! I'm there! :) All those grad announcements are wonderful...such a splendid time for kids!! I can't wait to see pics of THE grad party. It will be the talk of the town fo sho! :) Dinner looks delish...I should try lasagna someday.... :) But I'm not waiting for someday to dish out those brownies! Guess what's for dessert tonight?? :)
    Thanks Dearie!
    Love, MA

  3. off to check it out!! And he had me at tea and boxwoods too!! Have a great weekend Dawn!! xoxo