Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Celebrating Powell! {The Fun}

Happy 18th Birthday to our guy!

(Austin, Jamee, Corey, Maddie, Brenden, Kellie, Natalie, Jamie, Kahlen, Stephen, Powell & Garrett)

Powell has been blessed with awesome friends...they have so much fun together! 

(Kahlen, Jason, Bennett, Stephen, Powell, Jakob & Garrett)

Erin and Scott have been Young Life leaders to Powell and his group of friends since the beginning of high school, but have known most of these boys since they were little.  They are both teachers and parents, and we could not have asked for better examples for our kids!

 (Jenna, Me, Ashley)

We were lucky to have Tim, Ashley, Ryan and Jenna in town celebrating Ashley's 30th, so they were able to surprise us at the party...we were thrilled!!

(Maddie, Stephen and Kellie)

What a great night!


  1. That's great Dawn, what a special night! You look fabulous and I can't believe your baby boy is 18!
    Happy Birthday to Powell!!

  2. Looks like a fabulous time!!

  3. Looks like a wonderful party! I can't believe you have an 18 yr. old!!! I'll be there in a few years...It just doesn't seem possible!!