Monday, May 9, 2011

Do you ever...??

make your own pita bread??

Bex recently shared the recipe she uses for homemade pita today I gave it a try!

HERE is the recipe I used

There is definitely a learning curve when making first few look a little more like "naan" than pita bread, I think because I did not roll them thin enough.  It is very cool to see how they "balloon" up in the oven, which helps to create the "pocket".

A couple of my thoughts after making these...

~ I started out using my pampered chef stone type pans, and switched to my metal sheet pan after the first batch and thought that worked better.

~I added rosemary to the dough as time I will use "fresh" rosemary and add more, but it does add to the flavor.

~Mine definitely had to cook the full 4 min and a few of them I cooked a minute or two longer.

They really are delicious!


  1. i was planning to make these tomorrow!!!
    {your photos are great!}

  2. love your new header and I totally need to try this! I love pita bread! So glad you liked the pork'll LOVE the cubanos!

  3. hmmmm... i wonder if i can convert these? I would LOVE to try!

    I'm so happy you love the brownies!!

  4. I have never ever thought of making these at home and we love pita bread too! Thanks Dawn!

  5. So proud of you for dong this. I want to eat at your house. You and Catie have the healthiest recipes going all the time!