Monday, September 12, 2011

Lucy's Day! {part 1}

This year for Lucy's birthday, we did things a little different :)

She LOVES the American Girl catalog, and had been looking at it for quite a few months with MANY things circled :).  She decided that for her birthday she wanted to go to the AG store herself and choose her gifts, rather than me ordering them (I made sure she understood that she wouldn't have gifts to open in the morning, and that was fine with her!)

 So, on Saturday morning we greeted her with lots of "Happy Birthday's", a singing I-Carly card, and her gift from her YeYe and Frankie.

Lucy then ate her special request breakfast
"egg in a hole"
(bird in a nest, one eyed many names!)

Of course, after she was dressed and ready to go, we did a little
birthday photo shoot :)

....then a little "twirling"

It was then time to pick-up Grammy and drive to the American Girl store!

I have had the "little dream" :) of taking Lucy to get her first AG doll at either the Chicago or NYC store :) when she was 7 or 8, the perfect excuse since we didn't have a store here in Seattle.  Well, this summer they opened a store, BUT ....Lucy did not want a doll this year, she wanted accessories for her AG Bitty Baby she received for Christmas 3 years ago...SO, that still leaves the door wide open (in my opinion) for a little trip next year!!!!

I thought maybe once we got into the store, Lucy would decide she wanted a doll instead, but she did not waiver, she knew exactly what she wanted for her baby!

Lucy ended up with two outfits, a changing table, and a travel carrier for her baby.
Once we paid for her things, she was ready to go...

Our little American Girl!!


  1. Happy Birthday, Lucy! Oh my, 7 years old...she's practically a lady! Lucy has such beautiful hair. What sweet pictures you captured of her special day. She's gonna make a good mama. You'll need to do a shoot of her with her baby carrier on and her taking care of her little one. Miss Liliah is not into babies or dolls. She taped a sports car to her door the other day.

  2. happy birthday lucy!!
    i love your pretty birthday outfit!
    my daughters grew up playing with their american girls, but bitty baby was the all time favorite of theirs too

    have a fun week birthday girl :)

  3. Looks like a perfect celebration. Lucy looks so happy!!!! kate too carries the AG catalog and circles things which is funny because she has not really been a "doll" girl. MAybe we should meet at the Dallas AG with the girls. How fun would that be????

  4. Gorgeous photos of your beautiful daughter -especially love the photo of her turned to the side (waist up).
    Happy Birthday Lucy, Wendy

  5. Happy Birthday sweet Lucy! Looks like it was a good one! She is getting so big. she looks so grown up. her face is thinner and she's looking like a little lady! hope you're all doing great! PS Libbie still asks for Lucy everytime she comes to the computer. she never tires!

  6. Love those twirling shots! You are a beautiful young lady, Miss Lucy! Hope your birthday was extra special!

  7. Look at you Lucy..such a beautiful birthday girl and so lucky too. Kira has a AG doll but Emma doesn't yet. We will have to take her there one day but the closest one to us is 6+ hours away. Have a great year Lucy xoxo