Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Shoes for Lucy~

Shoe shopping for Lucy is fun, but it comes with it's challenges.

Lucy has mild hemiplegia on the left side of her body, this in turn has, due to less function, made her hand and foot smaller than her right side.

Lucy has a custom orthotic that she wears on her left foot, and a custom insole for her right foot...those tend to fit better into running type shoes, so when we buy those we buy them big enough for the orthotic to fit into.

However, we need other shoes.  Shoes for dresses, when we don't want to wear her orthotic.  If I buy her a pair to fit her right foot, the left shoe is MUCH too big (about a size and a half too big) for her left foot, and just causes her to trip, so I find myself buying her shoes that JUST fit her right to accommodate her left.

When we went school shopping, we went to Nordstrom to find her some cute dress the girl fitted her, she mentioned the 2 DIFFERENT sizes that Lucy would need.  I asked if they would be fitting her to her larger foot, and the sweet girl looked at me and said, "No, we will fit each foot separately.  She needs two different sizes and that is what we will sell you".

I had "heard" of this from a friend whose teenage son needed two different sizes, but had really forgotten about it at the time.

I LOVE Nordy's anyway, but this policy is one more reason I will continue to buy Lucy's shoes there!

I have to share...I posted a "thank you" on Nordstrom's Facebook page about this policy, and a week later I received a phone call from them thanking ME for taking the time to let them know how pleased I THAT is great customer service!!


  1. Dawn, thank you for sharing this!!! I had no idea. right now Libbie is in braces that only allow for custom fitted shoes, BUT after her surgery we are hoping her braces will be smaller and she will be able to wear normal shoes! However her left foot is about a half size to a whole size smaller than her right foot. good information to know. PS... Libbie still asks for Lucy daily and hasn't tired of watching her. Its so funny now that she is talking. she says, "you know" and "lets see" just like Lucy, AND she loves to add items to her purse and take them out to show me what she has in her purse. She loves to use her cell phone and say, "Hello Lucy!!!" Blessings to you guys.

  2. That IS great customer service ~ something that if often somewhat rare nowadays.
    Love Lucy's new shoes!

  3. I haven't shopped there in a while, but it makes me want to send business their way. I love the post on Weds with her driving in her car "around town" with her baby - too sweet!

  4. Wow that's fantastic! That is truly great customer service all around :)

  5. Oh how I adore Lucy's shoes!!!! Yeah for Nordstom's!!! LOVE their shoe dept. We have those beautiful shoes too and we love them!!!

  6. One question...did you get the♥ at Nordstom's too? Have never seen those:)

  7. Love Nordstrom's shoe department... fabulous shoes as well for Miss Lucy!
    I was just catching up on all of your recent posts. I love stopping by and seeing what your precious family is up to.

  8. I had heard that, too....but forgot! Thanks for the reminder!

    Those shoes are darling!

  9. Awww beautiful shoes for a beautiful girl! I will have to share this post with my niece! She is an assistant buyer for Nordstroms shoe department! She has been living in Seattle for a year now and loves it!

  10. That is AMAZING. Cute shoes, Lucy! Jazz it up! xo

  11. That is awesome! The shoes are adorable and the fact that they did that is so so great too. Love it!