Monday, September 19, 2011

Powell Weekending!!!

Friday night there was a knock at the door...Blake made Lucy go answer it with him....and there was POWELL!!

Blake, Bennett and Toby knew he was coming home for the weekend, but Lucy and I were SO surprised!  I had been really missing him this last week (well...every week!!), but I really just needed to hug for almost 48 hours, I did just that!!  

Powell seemed "different"...he has always been mature, responsible, funny...but coming home this weekend he REALLY seemed so "grown up" , a kind, funny, smart, engaging, handsome MAN!!

ahhh...I "filled up" as much as I could, but it was hard to see him go :( , but I love that he is having the time of his life and doing great in school!
That's my Boy Guy!!!!


  1. yay for surprises!!!!
    we had one too
    glad you had some sweet time together

  2. What a wonderful surprise...Powell looks good and happy to be home with his family! Glad you got all those hugs Dawn...until next time:) I can't imagine my Kyle moving away and I still have him for 2 more years!

  3. Oh my -- that is so sweet! Amazing how much he's grown in only a few weeks! Am sure you and Lucy (and the whole family) were floating on air having him with you all.


  4. What a great surprise (way to go, Powell and the secret-keepers!). I just love it when my college kids come home for the weekend, it's never often enough!

  5. Dawn,I'm so happy that Powell was able to come home for the weekend! What a sweet surprise!! I can only imagine how your arms have been aching to hold him! Love, Kim

  6. What a great surprise!!! Looks like a sweet weekend!

  7. Snif, sweet. I'm glad you had some extra and unexpected hug time from your handsome boy. :)

  8. What a sweet surprise!

    This post made me tear's hard to watch them pull out of the driveway...EVERY. TIME.

    Makes it a lil easier knowing they love it though!

    Hang in there Momma...we're gonna make it! :)

    Jill :)