Monday, October 10, 2011

My Niece and "Getting out of the Auto Zone"!!

My darling niece Makenna Riley was here with her Mama for a visit.
She loves to model for me, and once she gets going it just comes naturally.
Thank goodness I have this tree in my yard because it is my "go to" backdrop :)

I have so much to learn with my camera, and I am SO excited to be getting the opportunity to do so...I won a spot in Lisa's (The Long Road to China) photography class, 
"Get out of the auto zone"!!!

I have admired Lisa's photography skills for so long, and have wanted to take one of her classes.  She is so generous to offer a giveaway almost every session for a spot, and this time it was ME (and two other lucky ladies!!)

I am thrilled and cannot wait to switch that camera out of "auto"!!
Thank you so much Lisa!!

 (I really love how the tree is in focus in this pic, and MR is softly in the background)

(this is a shot I have wanted to duplicate so badly...I don't have the right lens to get it just right, but I love it anyway :)


  1. Congratulations!!! I am really happy for you!!!

  2. Dawn. how awesome that you won the spot!! I won it last time and have been blown away with what my camera will do! I learned so much and I just love Lisa. she is a great teacher.