Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I was "excused" from jury duty
the sky looked like this much of the day

so, I drank lots of this

{tea with a candle lit for my friend Emily and her Mom}

spent a little time working on this

and reading this

{I LOVED Rob Lowe in the 80's...I thought for sure we would get married :)...glad things didn't work out that way :)}


  1. "party til dawn"....really...really love it. years in the making my "fanci this" ....i wish you all the success and God's blessings. sooo...what do you think of a lucy video to promote your new venture?
    xxxx fanci.......aka anne kelly

  2. Fanci!!! Brilliant you are...Lucy doing a promotional video :) So you like the name?? Now I just need to step out of my comfort zone, and get it off the ground :)

    We have our fingers crossed about the Mary Engelbreit contest, btw :)

  3. dawn ~ i LOVED rob lowe, too!
    st. elmo's fire was my favorite movie.
    might be time to revisit that one ; )

  4. LOVE Party til Dawn!! I'd love to Party WITH Dawn!! :) And St. Elmo's fire was my favorite movie too! Oooh did I want to be as sophisticated as Demi Moore in that movie!!

  5. I LOVE Party til Dawn! And Rob Lowe is still pretty hot. Is the book good? xoxo Gretchen