Monday, November 14, 2011

Catching Up!

So..I have been a little MIA :)
Mainly due to the fact that since my laptop was stolen..(which basically had become our home computer)... we are using a very s . l . o . w  backup computer that we had, so loading pics takes!!

but, moving on...

I have been hard at work with my photography class homework, and it is starting to "click"
I know it is just going to take LOTS of practice, so most photos I have taken have not been blog worthy :)

Below are some of my most recent homework assignments shot in MANUAL :) using natual window light
I am pretty excited...all of them are "sooc" (that's photographer speak :) for "straight out of the camera" :),
so no editing

 for this one below, Lisa asked us to use a different perspective

and this one is a type of  pic I have always wanted to take :)

and the two below prove to me WHY I must learn to use the Manual setting...the first picture was in Auto w/out flash and the other in manual...I could just immediately see the difference..finally! :)

In other news...Toby headed over to WSU this past weekend for
Dad's Weekend with Powell...they had a great time together, took in a great football game
and geared Powell up for the snow!  He will be home this weekend for Thanksgiving break...can't wait!

Lucy received her first "book it" coupon for a personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut :)
She was SO excited!

Hard to believe we are a little more than a week away from Thanksgiving...that also means it's that time for early release days from school, conferences, Blake's 17th, Christmas music and peppermint mochas!!

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  1. Love these photos and your update! You are so right -- it's going to take lots of practice for me with manual, but am trying! My model, however, gets a little tired of waiting for me to adjust settings! :)

    Have a great week!


  2. Great to see you back in blogland...I have missed your updates and so excited about your photography class. Exciting to see how learning a few things makes such a day I will get there! I noticed a "loonie" in the mix of coins Lucy was counting....cute!


  3. I am so sorry that someone stole your laptop. That is awful. yeah for your photography class. Lisa is a great teacher:)


  4. Sorry to hear about your computer. The photos are beautiful. Sounds like you have lots of exciting things coming up.

  5. What sort of camera do you have? I want to take that class and plan to in the new year, but I've got to get a new camera. It's amazing the difference in the photos, they are great, but I find myself panicking in manual mode. Interesting, though. Your model is precious!!!