Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Its November!!

I am so excited that today is November 1st...it means

~the insane month of October is OVER for my sweet hardworking husband

~my sweet boy comes home for break in a little more than 2 weeks

~Thanksgiving is a mere 3 weeks away!

~I still can make LOTS of pumpkin goodies...like these pumpkins scones with maple glaze

~the fireplace will be on more often

~we will celebrate Blake's 17th

~I am left with this memory of Halloween night :)

~there will be LOTS more soup being made

~the Christmas music will be playing...NON-STOP

ahh...I love November!


  1. lucy!!! you are so adorable ~ if only taylor swift could see you, i think she might come to YOUR concert ; )

    dawn, i need to try those pumpkin scones.
    you & i will be counting down til thanksgiving! ♥

  2. love it too Dawn! Hope Toby can relax a bit and let you bake for him! xoxo
    Lucy is just so cute!

  3. I love Nov. too!
    Hope yours is blissful and peaceful, but with Taylor Swift in the house, I'm sure yours will still be rockin'!

  4. Taylor Swift WISHES she were this cute!
    How about sharing the recipe for the pumpkin scones with the maple glaze!!! Sounds too good!

  5. I think I like Nov. better at your house than mine. :) Those scones look delightful! Lucy is precious!
    xoxo Dianne