Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas at our house~

This year we hosted Christmas Eve at our house
Our family went to church, and then we celebrated with Grammy and Papa, and the 
Brooks Family!

 My Mom and Rachel

Powell, Blake and Sam

 Bennett and Grammy

 Our handsome Boys

The Brooks...Sam, Merribeth, Rachel and Tom
Sam and Rachel attend WSU with Powell, so it's fun to share all things COUG!!

We did a fun white elephant gift exchange that involved air horns, mouse traps, back scratchers...lots of 
"wonderful" gifts that could only come from the dollar store!!

Lucy opened her new Christmas jammies!

Lucy and Daddy made sure to sprinkle LOTS of Reindeer food on the lawn!


 Christmas morning, Powell was up first, followed by Lucy and then Blake and Bennett!
Santa brought Lucy her My Fur Real Friend, Go Go My Walkin Pup who she has named Maddie!

One of the things on Lucy's Christmas list was makeup!  I see a makeup video in our future!!

Santa left Blake and Bennett a new "limited edition" XBox!
Powell got LOTS of clothes and more! 

It was kind of a Justin Beiber Christmas for Lucy too! 
She asked for the Justin Beiber Never Say Never DVD, and a JB microphone...and Grammy and Papa got her the JB doll!!
She was a happy Girl!

We had a very Happy Christmas!

(you must go HERE and see the darling creative gift exchange I was part of !)


  1. OH THANK YOU Dawn for all the Christmas pictures!! I love them all and all of you!!

    Love Pops (Ye Ye)

  2. Well I must say that she picked out the perfect name for her puppy. I do have a cute dog named Maddie myself. Wishing you and your family all of God's blessings in 2012. Happy New Year!

  3. Great photos Dawn!! I miss visiting your blog ;)

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  5. So funny now Kate likes Justin Beiber too but she calls him Justin Beaver:) LOVE all Lucy's gifts. Looks like a good family Christmas.

    Kate and Lucy could walk Dumpling and Maddie together:)